- Free doom of mine; Freedom of yours...

Taíssa Hora,
♐ from December 1st, with Moon in ♋, Ascendant in ♉ and Venus in ♏, RJ, Brazil.
Freedom, hope, optimism, adventure, singing, songwriting, occultism, wisdom, hypocrisy, honesty, study, gluttony, perfectionism, mania for organization, heart, brain, details, colors, love, impulsiveness, smile, music, dreams, Italian food, harmony, my own Tumblr, madness, happiness, enchantment, mirrors, cloudy days, exaggeration, symbols, simplicity, distraction, philosophy, future, inspiration, creativity, dance.
Enchanted by huge changes, details, organization, children, eyes, jellyfishes, mandalas, flowers, universe (nebulas and related), moths, butterflies, colors.
Just a little bit of my very essence. Essence of me in the air.
☽ ◯ ☾

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